Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shooting Myself In the Foot...

I pen an entry that, although I won't say is an absolute must read, is deserving of consideration, and it goes unnoticed. Well, at the least, unremarked. I really, truly thought this particular piece would be my most read to date, and would inspire serious commenting.

I then, in the mood to focus on something much more lighthearted and inconsequential, post a movie critic-styled entry that drips of self-indulgence, focusing on a couple of compliments I received recently. This gets comments.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

It doesn't require a perusal of my entire blog to see that I have an affinity for discussing two topics in particular: race and religion. Those near and dear to me are all too aware of this (and I fear a bit annoyed). I pretty much only discuss items considered controversial by the lethargically apathetic masses. Why waste time opining the already well established? Well, I fucked around and wrote one post focusing on the two combined, and it may have bit me in the ass.

I am fully aware that the heavy emphasis on both endangers readership. Why? Well, we know I wouldn't bite my tongue in a seizure, so I'll call it like I see it.

I suppose it safe to assume the individuals who will gravitate toward one subject matter over the other most likely have a vested interest in the particular issue they choose. This seems rather obvious. I'll wager that those choosing race are either a representative of a minority, an individual who comes in frequent contact with such or, conversely, a racist of sorts. Likewise, those partaking of the religious commentary are most likely either atheist, the "undecided" in search of answers, or theists actively looking for debate.

Basically, I’m suggesting black folk are peeping my race posts and atheists are here for the god-bashing.

At the risk of perpetuating a form of stereotyping (imagine that) I have to note that, from my own observations, African Americans are less likely to be agnostic or atheist, and therefore don't share my views on religion (I would love to see actual data on this). On the other hand, I suspect most of the faithless visitors are white, and, although overwhelmingly liberal-minded freethinkers, have natural aversions (future topic) to my posts on racism.

Boy that was a lot of stereotyping.

The bottom line? I fear the people who would frequent more often to read my essays on discrimination may be turned off by my overtly anti-Christian themed posts, and vice versa.

What's noteworthy is that both groups are in the minority nationally, discriminated against by the same common enemy, and outspoken (bravely so) about issues of major importance, yet choose their comfort zones according to what most affects them on an individual basis. Maybe this is closed-minded. Maybe it just makes sense and is efficient. Maybe I just want someone to read my dammit post and tell me what they think.

I’ll note here that the issues of race and secularism are two of the most important we face, and the two most debated during the founding years of this country. See how far we’ve come in 230 odd years?


franky said...

Hey, I am both black and atheist and I am so offended by your stereotyping! J/k. I like your blog though, hope to be back for more.

Radha said...

Hey, no need to sound so despondent. I usually don't leave comments on blogs because it takes too much brain work to figure out many different ways of saying "right on!", without sounding like a parrot. Just wanted to let you know that I check your blog daily for any new entries, so keep posting.

FYI: I'm Indian, a woman and an atheist :) Try to beat that combination! *heheh*

LBBP said...

Though white and an atheist, I happen to be the parent of a beautiful racially mixed daughter. I love my daughter very much and am also very concerned about racism.

Coincidentally, I decided this evening to make an extra effort to comment on any blog I visit more than once.

DUB said...

Thank you very much for voicing yourselves.

Just kidding that you're offended, or that you're a black atheist? I'm curious.

I will not try to beat that combination. Your insight will be especially welcome here. You're description brings a visual of Arundhati Roy. Please continue to visit, and feel free to issue as many "right on's" as you deem necessary.

Wow. First, let me tell you that I admire your blog greatly. Second, I too am the father of biracial daughters. In the past I briefly touched on the matter, and plan to do so again in the near futue. I hope your valued opinion can be present in that dialogue.

franky said...

I was just kidding about the fact that I was offended. I am a black atheist, and probably one of the few in the US.

franky said...

I have two biracial sons...I'm starting to see a trend here. :)

Tanooki Joe said...

Screw your readers. :P Write what you want to. Someone as gifted as you will find an audience.

DUB said...

Thanks once again, Tanooki.