Saturday, September 17, 2005

What Bloggers Are Saying...

We know what DUBsays®... but what are others saying about me? Shameless self-promotion. Of others uh, promotion.

“…thought provoking…really got me thinking …on my daily visit cycle.” – Aaron_Kinney

“…a top notch writer with a great grasp of language and a unique style.” - ~I_Am~

“…good bloggin'…” – Marcus

“...a great site with some very on point writing.” – Tiger_Lilly


Aeger said...

well. . . um. . . good for you.

breakerslion said...

"It was a delight" - Clive Barnes

Seriously, nice work. You have given me another bookmark.

DUB said...

aeger - I find your style somewhat similar to my own. I also see you're from cousin's wifey went to Mt. Ida. I'm from the North Shore.

breakerslion - I'm more impressed by your blog than I've been in quite a while. I will definitely be a regular there.

*previous deleted post was my own, chock full of typos*

Aaron Kinney said...

Sweet, I got quoted! :)

Tanooki Joe said...

How much kissing up do I need to do to get quoted?