Friday, August 26, 2005

White like me?

Shark-Fu over at ABB posted on being invisible.

I responded: “This is exactly what I'm fighting to prevent my daughters from having to experience.

Growing up in this "society," I can't shelter them from experiencing ignorance, hatred, discrimination, and sexism, but I can help prevent them from having to live a lie - from being anything short of what and who they are.

Their mother is one of those Africans who emphasize that they're not a "black American." She has my children attending a lily-white, conservative, Christian school, ensuring that the only people they're exposed to are but a sampling of what is out there to experience. [A sampling which represents their near polar opposite.]

As a white man I have an overwhelmingly-difficult task ahead of me, but my daughters WILL be able to hold their heads up as strong, proud black women.

And at times, maybe even angry black bitches. Just don't let me be around if that label's applied.”

I’m sure this riles some feathers, and I will assuredly be touching on this subject in the future.

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