Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good and Bad News...

Appeals Court Upholds FFRF's Right to Sue over Bush's Faith-based Office

Caught you by surprise, didn't it.

Today I opened my mailbox, pulled out an issue of Freethought Weekly, and read this headline.

Then I checked up on IHPR and read this:
federal funding to Pat Robertson's charities has gone from $108,000 annually to $14,400,000 annually under President Bush.

Then I remembered the scandals involving Robertson's "faith-based" Operation Blessing. (Basically, the planes that were supposed to be delivering aid were spending more time surveying Robertson's diamond and gold mines than delivering aid. And when the aid was delivered, rather than food or medical and educational supplies, it was typically in the form of bibles. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the people could dress a wound with some pages, it's just the nutritional content that concerns me.)

Then I remembered a nifty little table I saw considering the "global priorities in spending in 1998":

Global priorities in spending in 1998
Global Priority$U.S. Billions
Basic education for everyone in the world6
Cosmetics in the United States8
Water and sanitation for everyone in the world9
Ice cream in Europe11
Reproductive health for all women in the world12
Perfumes in Europe and the United States12
Basic health and nutrition for everyone in the world13
Pet foods in Europe and the United States17
Business entertainment in Japan35
Cigarettes in Europe50
Alcoholic drinks in Europe105
Narcotics drugs in the world400
Military spending in the world780
source 25

Then I took a quick glance at the Cost of the War in Iraq, which, as of the time I sit to write this, is at $237,976,856,748.

So, since somebody's piorities are all fucked up (pardon the English), I'm pretty damned excited about the first headline. Please properly appropriate my tax dollars (and while your at it, do something which is both Constitutional and useful).

Bad news? If and when Alito is confirmed, there will be five--out of nine--radical, right wing, Roman Catholic Justices on the Supreme Court.

So, how are the prospects for this case looking in this light? I think a millionaire's virginity has a better chance at a strip club.

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