Friday, January 27, 2006

Dumbing Down Religious Skepticism...

In the spirit of "evangelical" or active atheism, and also in taking a break from the regular atheist circles and debate with outright theists, I have recently began attempting to expose the ideas of religious skepticism to people who may not have ever really had it presented to them. As crazy as it sounds, our society is so overwhelmingly dominated by theism that any message to the contrary not only somehow "manages" to slip between the cracks, but is completely (and falsely) demonized. With this in mind I've been simply presenting some (extremely basic) information in places where the conversation would be very unlikely to arise unintentionally.

I provided an example here recently, which was criticized by a fundy, which in turn prompted me to respond. The fundy never followed up. Imagine that. Well, elsewhere on the web I'd posted a couple more pieces and, once again, recieved a response that I felt merited further comment -- especially since the response was from someone who is currently questioning religion. The individual expressed some curiosity about atheists which was really just rooted in and based on the typical garbage that's peddled to the masses.

Below, I will first post my original pieces, comlete with her comment, followed by my two-part response (y'all know damn well I'm long-winded). I apologize ahead of time for the quality of my first two pieces, with a reminder that my purpose is a very elementary introduction to some very basic concepts.

Post One
Post Two (and Comment)
Response Part One
Response Part Two

Thank you, and enjoy. Please.

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