Sunday, April 08, 2012

He is Risen!

Shit...maybe I better stop with all the Zombie Easter jokes.

Well, either that, or water on the ground absorbs heat from the sun and environment, energizing the water molecules and causing them to move around quickly enough to escape the water tension and carry that heat away as a vapor, rising into the atmosphere in evaporation.

This vapor obeys the second law of thermodynamics, as heat transfers from high temperature to low temperature, the upper atmosphere being cooler than the lower as low density hot air pushes above higher density cold air in convection currents helped along by the Earth's rotation.

As these water molecules continue rising they lose energy to the cooler ambient air, eventually condensing and retuning to a liquid. This liquid collects, some of it even freezing, becoming a solid, and mixes with particles in the air, forming a cloud. Eventually, gravity takes effect and starts pulling the heavier molecules toward the Earth.

As the heavier molecules fall to the lower portion of the cloud, colliding with incoming vapor, electrons are knocked free, separating charge: negative electrons in the lower portion of the cloud and positively charged droplets at the top, creating an electric field. The negative field at the bottom of the cloud becomes so intense that it repels electrons in the Earth's surface, which acquires a positive charge.

This field becomes strong enough to ionize the surrounding air, separating its positive ions from electrons, creating a more freely moving plasma which creates a conductive path between the ground and cloud, allowing an electrical current to flow. As positive streamers grow from the Earth's surface, step leaders propagate toward the Earth from the cloud,attempting to bridge the gap, and once they meet...a circuit is completed, allowing charge to flow along the conductive path creating a discharge to neutralize the charge separation.

This current, measuring in the tens of thousands of amps, is accompanied by tremendous heat-hotter than the surface of the sun-which produces a white-blue flash and expands the surrounding air so rapidly it explodes, literally producing a thunderous shockwave.

Either that or the supreme creator of the universe has a bad sense of humor and worse temper, and is striking out at me in a spectacular temper tantrum.

Probably that.

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