Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something to think about (just don't actually think)...

This story is a complete lie. This is overwhelmingly obvious, and anyone reading it with an open mind and applying critical thinking should immediately see the numerous red flags it raises. It unabashedly and blatantly uses numerous telltale signs of spuriousness and follows a standard outline of sensationalist propaganda and urban legend.

But that's just the start.

I'm quite curious as to exactly what this makes you think, and what "insight" it offers.

It is designed to make people think that academic institutions are godless, that atheists are cruel, that intellectual fickleness is acceptable, that critical thought is bad, and that Christians don't have the de facto religious privilege in this country. It reinforces both ignorance and hate. It perpetuates negative stereotypes and fosters unfounded fear.

Atheists are oppressed and discriminated against in the US. Christians are favored and given a free pass, yet they attempt to present the opposite, and claim victim status. Nobody in this country suffers for being Christian. Faith is the ONLY topic in this society that gets unquestioning acceptance. You are NOT allowed to question faith. This type of blatantly false propaganda does nothing but contribute to this inequality.

This is IDENTICAL to white people losing their minds and claiming "reverse discrimination" when White privilege and Black oppression start to be addressed and measures ensuring equal rights are put in motion. Nobody is taking anything away from White folk, but they panic because their history of entitlement is questioned, so they blow shit out of proportion and spread hateful lies.

Imagine an obviously fake story detailing a supposed angry, mean Black civil rights figure imposing his beliefs on innocent, scared Whites, until some brave, proud White man stood up for the White race.

What it makes ME think is: Why does a bad person have to resort to bad means to emphasize the ultimate good? Why should someone have to lie to preach the truth?

Seriously, though, believe all you want. But why tell a lie to endorse belief in an "ultimate truth"? How can a group of people who supposedly hold exclusive rights to morality so thoroughly endorse lying?

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