Monday, April 20, 2009

When Zombies Attack...

Top Five Things to Have:

1) Toilet paper. Because, let's be real, zombies just attacked, and you shit yourself.

2) An Ann Coulter book. Everyone knows zombies just want brains and, well, if you have a book by Ann Coulter they'll just assume they won't find any and keep moving.

3) But in the case they don't, having the actual Ann Coulter around can't hurt. Her uncanny resemblance to a Thiller extra might help you blend in.

4) Air freshener. You're surrounded by rotting flesh (and Ann Coulter's junkbox) and that's got to smell really, really bad. Plus, you just shit yourself.

5) Sniper rifle. Because sooner or later Ann's going to say something extremely stupid.

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