Monday, March 09, 2009

Let the Face-palming Commence...

Just one brief example of the kind of doltism so rampant in the online discussion forum/groups that I subject myself to due to some strange sense of duty.

In this installment we have the ever-entertaining-yet-creepy, supernatural/mysticism-loving, batshit crazy, kook Shiva starting (and spamming) a thread expressing his views on the great Islamic threat.

Now, this is actually something I can can confer with and offer discourse about (for quite different reasons, of course), but let's see how incredibly misinformed our Nutjob of the day is...

After he stated that atheism is a religion and Buddhism and Hinduism are Abrahamic faith systems (yeah, he really did), he spouted the following:

tom friedman said that like 40 % of the population in Iran is teenage boys too rich and stuck up to do menial labor so they go to the mosques and are indoctrinated into hatred of israel and america.

To which I replied:

"So, exactly how much "anti-US", Islamic terrorism is perpetrated by Shias?

We can’t count that whole hostage crisis in the ’70’s due to our implicit role in overthrowing their democratically-elected government and all. And that whole thing about us supplying Iraq with WMD’s and what not to go to war with them might have also left a bad taste in their mouth, too. Oh, yeah...but we were supplying Iran with weapons too...covertly. Maybe that thing about us shooting down their civilian airliner?

Damn those Mooslims and their completely unfounded hatred of our freedoms!!

Also...40% rich, teenage boys? Really? In a country that has a median age of 26.4, 1.02:1 male/female ratio, $13, 100 per capita annual GDP, and 12% unemployment rate?

I don’t know...maybe my math is off, but that doesn’t seem very feasible."

Knowing (what the fuck you're talking about) is half the battle.

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