Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Greatest of Days...

OK. Yes, I'm disappointed that he'll be continuing the 22 President trend of violating the very document he's pledging to uphold.

Yes, I'm discouraged that he's having ANY inaugural invocation whatsoever, and further disheartened that he's invited a bigoted, heterosexist to do so...and belittling two legitimate outcries by adding another—gay—clergyperson for good measure.

Of course I'm brokenhearted that the man I so thoroughly supported and worked for is failing to support me.

But I'm also rational and determined to be lead by reason over emotion. And just as I know evolution works through cumulative steps, I'm aware that at times revolutions must lose that initial "r". And I'm humble enough to acquiesce to my emotion over my reason and still be brought to tears at this incredible achievement and the knowledge that I can now tell my daughters they truly can do anything their ambitions and aspirations have them strive for—and not feel as though I'm lying.

Yes, we did.

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