Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Take notice...

I consider myself a rather humble individual. No inherently acerbic or vitriolic tendencies. I am no stranger to charges of condescension and obnoxiousness, but—to risk sounding ironically bombastic—I suspect such allegations reveal more of the plaintiff than defendant. Inevitably, my humility relentlessly acquiesces to my integrity, and the urgency of conscience perpetually prevails. I suppose the overarching message is one of actual content over perceived intent.

That said, I plan to use these notes as proxy to telepathic glimpses into my thoughts. Of course I will stray toward agenda, but proportionate to the weight and consequence I put on such topics.

Curiosity, cynicism, or misanthropy may have already risen a red flag toward my opening, suspecting it a disclaimer of sorts. And I concede. One thing I value greatly is an egalitarian respect for others. But I don't view respect as the pusillanimous and unilateral manifestation it seems is most commonly demanded. My respect is active. Engaged. Reciprocal. I believe in ultimate truths, but also of inexhaustible nuance and the gravity of context which compliment a negated hierarchy of truth. I've steadfast insistence upon (critically and vertically) thinking for oneself in pursuit of said truth, but also in modestly assenting upon arrival. I see calamitous folly, obstinacy, and cowardice in "agreeing to disagree". I hope to challenge and possess no aversion to expostulation. "Sensibilities" are trite and disingenuous. The vitality of unadulterated receptivity is requisite.

In short, one need not be offensive for others to be offended, and offense taken is typically a facade of self-righteous indignation or lethargic distraction; a defense mechanism brought about by recognition of inadequacy when faced with opposition.

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