Wednesday, September 07, 2005

See No Evil...

Apparently the US government doesn't want the media showing the public pictures of corpses in its Katrina coverage.

Sound familiar? King George's royal court didn't want us seeing coffins coming home from Iraq either.

Nothing like a visual to make a statement, drive an idea home, and cause outrage. A picture's worth a thousand words. That's not cliché just because people say it a lot.

A newscast filled with images of head wounds and amputee children might have definitely changed perceptions about the need for the war - oops, mission accomplished - in Iraq. And bloated bodies floating in oil-slicked flood waters might amplify cries of government neglect and inaction.

This country is taking such a HUGE step backward.


Aaron Kinney said...

Actually its 8 huge steps backward. One step for each year Bush is in office.

The commander in chief demands complete lockstep with the official party image.

Free press my ass! The way they try to coerce the media from showing REALITY really chaps my hide.

DUB said...

It really says something quite profound when the Administration has the gall to actually suggest how the media should do their job.

It REALLY says something when the media listens. And when people don't care.

It's exciting for me to receive a comment from a blogger I respect so much. Thank you, Aaron (and check his blog out, y'all).

Aaron Kinney said...

Why thanx Dub! Hey I just found out you got a blog and Im impressed with it. I love the play on words your blog title uses.

By the way Im going to link your blog to mine. My links list is basically the blogs I visit every day, and now your blog is on my daily visit cycle :)

Feel free to add a link to Kill The Afterlife!

DUB said...

Thank you and most definitely. Kill the Afterlife is a blog I try to read daily as is.

And, I swear (lol) - I'm going to do my best to update this blog regularly.

The Humanity Critic said...

Good post. Just passing through, I'm liking the blog by the way.