Monday, August 29, 2005

Eradicating Poverty...

Chi-Town MC Vakill tells us that women are "like tornadoes - they scream when they come and take everything when they leave."

Granted, she's not a tornado, but apparently Hurricane Katrina a bad-ass bitch. She screams and floods in waves when she comes. Unfortunately, she's gonna take the most from those who have the least.

Ned Sublette reported that the poorest one-fifth of New Orleans wasn't evacuated. He draws the valid analogy:
It's as if you had advance notice that Mohammed Atta's crew was coming to the World Trade center and evacuated all but the poor from it.
134,000 people are just too poor to merit rescue. In a city that is 67% black (and I'm sure that number's even higher in the representation of this particular group), more than half of them have even less chance of being rescued.

Amazingly, the oil platform workers had no trouble being evacuated. The Sun rose in the east today too.

I can't help but speculate if a storm of "swarthy" men in turbans were having a flag-burning rally, the Gov't wouldn't have too much difficulty promptly amassing resources comparable to what would be appropriate to keeps these Americans out of harm's way.

I'm gonna have to check in with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as to what's been done to incur god's wrath. Maybe the poor are just crawling with marriage license seeking homosexuals and drowning in murdered fetuses. They do eat a LOT of shellfish down there. They must be wallowing in some form of sin, because god's about to put the smackdown on the unrighteous again, just like he did with the tsunami. Maybe he's just trying to shift focus away from his loyal messenger, what with the blatant media lies about calls for assassination and all.


PissedOffPencil said...

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Yes, all views, good or bad, unite us all over the world.

webnuts said...

Why didn't the city and state take action to try and evacuate these poor people before the hurricane hit? Where was they mayor of New Orleans or the governor of Louisiana? Napping? Playing golf? They certainly wouldn't leave that "in God's hands" would they?