Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Add two parts procrastination, one part disorderly attention span…

I have a sneaking suspicion this may be a futile attempt.

Nevertheless, I'm gonna take a shot. As of this point in time, this may end up a collection of mindless ramblings, mindfull ramblings, social commentary, opinionated rantings, complaints, gratuitous moments of self-indulgence and braggadocio, confessions, deep ponderings, existential conundrums, proselytizations, diatribes, declarations of war, and random musings. By some miracle of modern psychotropics or sheer necessity it may even develop some semblance of structure. Then again it may fade into oblivion...assuming it drifts into focus at all.

I am a walking contradiction at times. Start casting stones. Any journey into this mind may indeed be...phrenetic, to say the least. Whatever's clever. No matter what, I'll get something off my chest, and as an ass man, I see nothing wrong with breast reduction.

So, here's my disclaimer: You are not going to agree with everything I have to say, and, most likely, at some time you may take offense.

Taking into account the sheer complexity of the human psyche, if you find the previous statement anything short of painfully obvious, you're either half-a-retard or more out of touch than thighs at a peepshow. Insert offense here.

In the event that I do indeed offend you, feel free to: a) debate me, or b) leave. If the former, then please go engage in more promising efforts, such as chucking ice cubes at the sun. The latter will achieve nothing short of making me happier than a white girl at the NBA draft. There are other courses of action the thin-skinned can take, but most involve fellating me.

Have a lovely day.

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